Aaliyah is another of our small group of Tasmanian belly dancers and teachers, based in Devonport.   As well as belly dancing, she teaches classes in doumbek/darabuka (belly dance drum),  performs with her drum ensemble, “Khafif”, and has run workshops on drum therapy for anger management.

Unlike many belly dance teachers, Aaliyah teaches children and teens as well as adults, and has both a children’s drum ensemble and a teenage belly dance troupe.

Classes are offered in Middle Eastern Drumming, beginners to intermediate welcome.

Dance/drum tuition is available for businesses, kindys, schools, colleges & special needs students.

Here’s a clip of her in action with one of her students, Aimee:

Contact Aaliyah through Devonport Community House.


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  • Devonport
  • 0401 513 664

  • 3 thoughts on “Aaliyah

    1. Jason Huston says:

      I am a male dancer learning under Aaliyah in Devenport as well as learning drumming. I had never done any dancing before meeting Aaliyah and it was she who encouraged me to learn. I find her an excellant teacher for both drumming and dancing. She is prepared to break down moves (and slow down drumming teachnique) in a way that makes it easy to learn in a friendly atmosphere. Besides making it easy to learn Aaliyah constantly challanges us and we are always learning. Despite never learning dance before Aaliyah , I have learnt under many differant martial arts teachers and as far as teaching expertise goes Aaliyah has excellant teaching abilities able to challange begginers , intermediates and advanced students.

    2. Thea says:

      Hi Jason! It’s great to hear of another male dancer in our ranks, there are so few in Australia. Have you had a chance to see Shiva perform? You might like to keep an eye open for the program at the Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival – Jamil” often teaches workshops. You’re obviously getting good tuition already, but as a male dancer it’s always good to get the masculine perspective.

    3. Jason Huston says:

      Thankyou for that , I have seen Shiva as well as other professional male dances that Aaliyah has directed me to on you tube and other professional sites. I am not familiar with Jamil but we are looking to go see Ozgen in the new year. Aaliyah has also directed me to a male dance facebook site Rakkas- the male side of belly dance where i have made more male dancer friends. Besides her dancing background Aaliyah has a strong martial arts background plus many other styles of dance which helps with putting tha masculinity in the dance.Thankyou very much for your encouraging words and advice I will look up Jamil via the link you have sent.

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