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Useful Sites


Aleemah’s Dream - at last, an Aussie supplier of sequin, bead and rhinestone appliques and trims as well as genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Bellydance WA - I’m amazed at how many wonderful activities our WA sisters have happening – including workshops by dancers like Jillina. I’m contemplating a Perth belly dancing holiday!

Bellydance Oasis - the essential magazine for all things belly dance in Australia

Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival - The premier event of the Sydney belly dance calendar, held annually in May.



In Search of the Origins of Belly Dance - I see so many origin myths circulating around the internet.  None of them are proven and most of them are wrong.  This is a terrific, even-handed article that explores the alternatives. - Translations of Arabic songs, for all those who want to know what they’re dancing to! - Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More – my favourite belly dance forum – another forum, with an active costume sale/swap section

I Belly Dance - new international belly dance directory site


Photo by Toast to Life