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Why the Change?

annabella belly danceAussiebellydance came into existence, in 2004.  It was founded by Anne Ramsden, better known online as Annabella from Rockingham, Western Australia.   In the quote below, she explains how the site was born:

I began bellydancing in 2001. In 2002 I began studying American Tribal Style bellydance and was totally hooked! I am a tribal dancer through and through!! I have danced with many wonderful tribes over the years… The Kismet Tribe, Free Spirit Gypsy Tribal, Tribalive!, and now … Azwahn. I am retired, (I used to work as a medical scientist). My other hobbies include Medieval Recreation in the SCA, and patchwork.

The decision to create the Australian Bellydance directory was sparked by a conversation with a visitor to a Bellydance Bazaar in Perth. She wanted to learn bellydance, but was frustrated by not being able to find much local information on the internet. So… I decided to try to remedy that situation!

Thea belly dancerAs for me – my name is Thea, and I founded BellydanceOz in 2006.

I had just discovered the world of online writing and was full of enthusiasm to create websites that reflected my interests. Since I’m a passionate lover of dance, a belly dance site was an obvious choice – but to avoid competing with Annabella’s site, I chose to limit myself to video profiles of Australian belly dancers.

Fast forward to 2013, when Annabella announced her decision to retire as webmistress.  She wanted to find someone who would take over the directory and maintain it as a resource for the Australian belly dance community.  Our two sites were an obvious fit, and I was thrilled when she agreed that I could be her successor!

However, the reality is that trying to maintain the two websites separately would be too onerous, especially since they are a labour of love!  So after discussions with Annabella, we took the decision to merge AussieBellyDance into a new version of, with better search features.   I hope you enjoy the new site!

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