Cynthia moved from London to Sydney in 2010, and is now teaching belly dance at Amera’s Palace.

Cynthia did most of her belly dance training in the UK and Egypt, including teacher training with Raqia Hassan: that background gives her a different  approach to most local belly dance teachers.    It’s always refreshing to be exposed to a different teaching style so I’d recommend Sydney bellydancers to give her classes or workshops a try.

Her method is quite structured, ranging across music, culture and history as well as dance, and each class builds on the previous one.   That makes it difficult if you miss a lot of classes or want to join the course mid-term, but if you’re able to make the commitment, it can really pay off.  I’m taking her classes this term and finding it very rewarding!

Cynthia’s West London students in action:

You can find more information about Cynthia on

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