Jasmine Safi


Although Jasmine has retired from the stage, she’s still very active on the Australian bellydance scene.

Jasmine is widely known around Australia for her Bellydance Soul cards, a 44 card deck and guidebook which is “a powerful tool for self acceptance, reminding women of their beauty wisdom and magnificence”. They have a number of potential uses, the most obvious being at hen’s parties or bridal showers – but quite a few teachers are using them in belly dance classes, for instance getting their students to pick a card at the beginning of each class.

Tied to the cards is a whole new concept in belly dance parties for women, the Soul Sister Parties. For professional belly dancers who dance at hen’s parties or other women’s celebrations, the Soul Sister Party offers a chance to take the experience to a new level. A training course is available – details on Jasmine’s website, The Harem Lounge.

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