Amulya has recently relocated from the Northern Rivers area of NSW to Melbourne (though I’m told she’ll be making regular return visits to perform, so Northern Rivers fans need not despair!).

With 15 years of dance teaching and performing in Europe and Australia under her belt, I’m sure she will soon make an impact on the Melbourne belly dance scene.

Originally from the Netherlands, Amulya has a varied dance background including ballet, ballroom and Latin dance.  She has even travelled to India to study Indian dance styles.  However she remains a belly dancer first and foremost, with a wide-ranging repertoire encompassing classical Egyptian belly dance, modern Egyptian, Tribaret, Tribal Fusion and her own innovative artistic work.

Amulya is very active in the international belly dance community, as a moderator on the Belly Dance Forum and as a writer for BellyDancing Diva.    You’ll find her website at

Here she is performing with Black Top Circus, of which she’s a member:

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