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  1. Yamina says:

    About Dawn… you have to experience her dancing live to really be aware of how talented she is! She is mesmerizing, a real comedian who will cry on stage if she wants to convey sadness and loss in her dance, who will defy you with her intense looks and surprise you with every movement! She dances to original music and is a truly professional and perfectionist artist. Long live her dancing! Yamina

  2. Anonymous says:

    that is a fantastic clip! What is the song – does anyone know???

  3. michell vella says:

    WOW That was fantastic……

  4. Anonymous says:

    she is such a lovely dancer- so much emotion and such subtle perfect movements!!! i would love to train with her at Sheik to Sheik if I was in WA!

  5. Lisa hodgson says:

    I have had one lesson with Dawn and she is technically very accurate and expressive. She knows her stuff and is a natural teacher. She was very good with pushing a student to their best. Lovely soul with great skill. I highly recommend her as a teacher

  6. jenny allen says:

    is there a bellydancing place in fremaqntle and where is it

  7. admin says:

    Jenny, I recommend you contact Yamina who is based in Fremantle:


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