Maria Sangiorgi


Maria is an exceptional teacher who combines her knowledge of yoga, visualization, mind body centring and many other techniques with Raqs Sharqi to create a unique belly dance teaching method.

She conducts regular workshops on her Embodied Bellydance™ method in Italy and the UK as well as in Australia.

To understand more about Maria’s unique perspective on belly dancing, visit her website at Dancing

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  1. Sapphira says:

    Yes, i trained with Maria Sangiorgi when i lived in Melbourne for a few months several years ago now and she is just fabulous. Maria was incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. My technical, creative and emotional selves burgeoned under her tuition and the education was holistic (she provided the forum to train, perform, relax, talk and share, create, sew…and so much more). She was really a shining light for me as i used dance to move through a challenging time in my life personally. I recommend Maria’s mentorship and tuition to any dancers wishing for deep fulfillment and joy from their dancing and/or for the opportunity to heal a little.

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