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  1. Emma says:

    Dom your so beautiful both inside and out! I’m so glad that your apart of my life not only as a teacher but you have become such a true friend aswell. I love you so much x. cya soon

  2. Trilby says:

    Dominika is an inspiring teacher. Here lessons are welcoming, enjoyable and fun. This term will b my 4th with Dom and I highly recommend her to all!

  3. Brooke says:

    I have been taught by Dominka for the last two years. I’ve enjoyed all of the variety and challenges Dom creates for us without feeling overwhelmed but instead inspired by her creativity!!!

  4. Jacinta says:

    Dom you are such a gorgeous dancer and inspiring to all who meet you and your artwork speaks for itself, Check it out!!

  5. Aradia says:

    Dom is just an amazing dancer with such an open mind as to what can be done. I love her outlook on the beauty and inspiration of bellydance as this shows so strongly in everything she does.

    She takes such a nurturing and loving approach to dance and it shows with the amazing comments from her students above.

    I really hope I get to see you again soon sweety!! xxxx

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