Another tribal belly dancer, this time from Adelaide. Acushla Mkrtschjan is the director of  the Body Temple Dance Company and conducts regular workshops.  Acushla is a certified Fat Chance belly dance instructor, and has developed her own unique style – the Body Temple Format – drawing on her experience in Jazz ballet, Classical belly dance, Bharatnatyam Indian Dance, Flamenco, yoga, pilates, Qi Gong.

Acushla has just released her first DVD “The Art of Tribal belly dance” Volume one – here is a clip:

Contact Acushla through her website,




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  1. Acushla is a beautiful woman with mesmerizing green eyes!

    I would love to see her dance live one day.

    Her image and videos show her hand precision and graceful movements.

    All the best lady!

    Yamina Soreya

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