It was so exciting to see Sydney bellydancer Ferah do so well on Australia’s Got Talent! Here’s hoping it has created some interest in belly dancing classes around Australia, especially among younger women. So many bellydance classes seem to be dominated by older women these days, it would be great to see some teenagers like Ferah taking it up (she’s 16, believe it or not!).

The clip below comes from a performance at the premier event of the Sydney belly dance calendar, the Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival, run by Leonie Sukian.

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  1. lisa says:

    wats dis songs name?

  2. bianca says:

    whats this song called =] ?

  3. michelle vella says:

    i want this girl to perform at my wedding PLEASE HELP ME TO GET INTOUCH WITH HER plssssssssssssss

  4. Michelle Vella . I know Ferah . shoot me an email and i can have her contact you

    Barbie . S

  5. www. Barbiesphotography.com.au

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