Shemiran Ibrahim


I began my belly dance journey with Shemiran. She’s an excellent teacher for beginners, thanks to her structured approach to teaching.  Her method of breaking down and explaining the movements, teaching them in “families”, made a lot of sense to me. She also enabled me to lose my fear of improvising!

Shemiran has produced a training course for her belly dance teaching method, which will be of interest to aspiring belly dance teachers. She usually runs a face-to-face workshop about once a year – but for the impatient, the entire course is available by distance education (even the certification process is achieved by email and video exam).

Shemiran is very committed to women’s empowerment and her website,, has some inspiring material on that subject.

This clip doesn’t do her justice – I’ll try to get a better one!

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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Shemiran is an inspirational teacher, incorporating elements of tradition and exploring the power of the feminine within bellydance…
    She really helped me connect back to my body, and unlock a joyous sensuality that had been too-long suppressed beneath tight-laced Western ideals…

    I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner sense of womanhood

  2. Kate says:

    I was a student under Shemiran & I can highly recommend her as a teacher. I have had many teachers over the time I have studied Bellydance & I have found she is one of very few who focus on technique, which I find is vital to the craft of the dance.

  3. Lisa Hodgson says:

    I did Shemiran’s teacher training course in 2008 and have been teaching the method since then. I have been bellydancing since 1995 and find that even though my own technique was well received it lacked structure and pizzazz. I knew there were holes in what I was teaching and I strived to find a course that would teach me how to teach….I found it! I bought the kit and learnt Shemirans techniques. Her style is something I could relate to and her warm and gregarious nature inspired me to teach better and apply a curriculum that was proved and tested time and again. I highly recommend the teacher training course and can tell you it works beautifully and my clients have loved the ease of which they pick up the moves. Love you Shemiran you have been a guiding light. Lisa aka Najeedah

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